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Technology for higher recovery of metals from incinerator bottom ash: MERIT remex-processing_headimage_grafik_waschanlage_en.jpg

REMEX reinvents metal recovery with MERIT

Under the name REMEX Processing, REMEX bundles its technologies for the treatment of bottom ash stemming from municipal solid waste incineration in Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plants. MERIT technology was developed to increase the recovery of metals from incinerator bottom ash (IBA). Our approach is unique, increasing the recycling rate as well as the financial value from IBA processing. In addition, technologies such as the hydromechanical treatment HMT or the 3D screening technology TripleM improve the quality of the remaining minerals, which are marketed as secondary aggregates under the international GRANOVA brand.

Washing incinerator bottom ash

Our film provides an illustration of the operation and detailed processes of the IBA washing plant located on the premises of REMEX’s Dutch subsidiary HEROS in Sluiskil. Incinerator bottom ash (IBA) is treated in a hydromechanical two-step-process.


Plant visits

Added value for processing companies

REMEX uses the MERIT technology for the recovery of non-ferrous metals not only in its own plants for incinerator bottom ash (IBA) processing. Through cooperation with REMEX, other recycling companies can also make use of MERIT and increase their metal recovery rates and profit.

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Find out what industry experts have to say about the use of MERIT metal recovery technology in IBA processing plants.

Michael Stoll,

Technological competence

3D views explain our technologies for improved incinerator bottom ash processing, metal recovery and metal recycling.

Sustainable mineral waste and metal recycling

Intelligent IBA processing reduces waste and improves both metal recycling and secondary aggregate quality. Examples are the Green Deal in the Netherlands and our activities in Germany.

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Video impressions

European view

Geert Cuperus from FIR

Company expertise

REMEX leads the way in minerals recycling, remediation services and secondary aggregates.

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