REMEX Processing

New opportunities for metal recovery and metal recycling

REMEX is the industry leader in technology and innovation for incinerator bottom ash processing. The group bundles its know-how across this specialised field in the form of a modular concept comprising five technical elements, reaching from the central ash processing unit to the recovery and upgrade of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as the production of high-quality aggregates from mineral ash. Unique to the market is our new Non-Ferro technology called MERIT®, which stands for the optimised recovery of valuable non-ferrous metals. Here, we combine experience gained over the past decades, creating additional value and new business models for our international customers. 

MERIT® for Non-Ferro Recovery

Non-Ferro Metal Recovery from incinerator bottom ash

MERIT® stands for Metal Recovery Intelligence. It has been developed internally and is currently being patented. Its use is decisive for significantly higher recovery of non-ferrous metals. Technically, it’s based on an air-sifting technology. Through its use, we can separate the fraction 0-2 mm of the IBA without losing valuable metals. The remaining sieve line of 2-8 mm is rich in non-ferrous metals and serves as input material for the Non-Ferro upgrade facility. 3D animation

Non-Ferro Metal Treatment

IBA processing: Non-Ferro Metal Upgrade of recovered metals

By means of our own upgrading facility MTF (Metal Treatment Facility), we are now able to independently purify and sort non-ferrous metals coming out of the central processing plant. Through this process, we obtain pure non-ferrous concentrates, including pure aluminium, pure heavy metals such as copper, and even precious metals. These concentrates can be directly used by smelting plants. 3D animation

IBA Aggregate Upgrade

IBA Aggregate Upgrade technologies for incinerator bottom ash

In order to improve the quality of mineral ash for use as construction material and open up new areas of application, we further treat the ash. Currently, this includes hydro-mechanical treatment HMT and the 3D sieving technology TRIPLE M.

Ferro Upgrade

Ferro Metal Upgrade of metals recovered from incinerator bottom ash

Material coming out of the main facility still holds a lot of pollution in terms of ash, i.e. up to 70 %. This is why the material undergoes special treatment in our ferrous upgrading facility. The main purpose of this upgrading facility is to remove ash adhesions in order to achieve purer ferrous concentrates.

Bottom Ash Processing

Incinerator Bottom Ash IBA Processing

The main processing plant for incinerator bottom ash serves as the base module. Treatment includes the use of different sieving techniques, magnet- and eddy current separators as well as a wind sifter. At the end of this process, we end up with three fractions, i.e. ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and the remaining mineral fraction.