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MERIT metal recovery benefits from processing incinerator bottom ash rmx-processing_head_img_merit-einzelmodul_en.jpg

Increase your NF metal recovery rate by 15 %

REMEX also offers its MERIT technology as an individual module. Interested recycling companies can choose from different cooperation models. This means companies that wish to increase their metal recovery rates for incinerator bottom ash processing can profit from our expertise. Below are examples of results that can be achieved through the implementation of MERIT in your plant. For further questions regarding your individual partnering solution or a detailed offer for cooperation, please contact us.  

Potential of non-ferro metals in incinerator bottom ash

REMEX processes more than 2.6 million tonnes of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) each year. The actual composition of the bottom ash is dependent from the incinerator plant and the source of the municipal solid waste. Experience tells us that incinerator bottom ash contains on average about 2 % of non-ferro metals.

The distribution of the bottom ash dependent on the grain size shows that 25 % of the non-ferro metals are smaller than 4 mm. In conventional processing plants, this percentage is not recovered because the necessary technology is missing.

MERIT optimises the recovery of the fraction size 2 - 4 mm, which represents 15 % of NF metals.

Conventional metal recovery without MERIT

The process diagram to the left demonstrates the approach which is taken in many processing plants for incinerator bottom ash. With this conventional method, the non-ferro metals 0 - 4 mm are not recovered.

Example calculation

1) MERIT and additional eddy-current separator

With the use of MERIT technology as an additional step before the flip-flow, the fines (size 0 - 2 mm) of the incinerator bottom ash are separated from the fraction 0 - 4 mm. The added value resulting from the recovery of the included non-ferro metals 2 - 4 mm are presented in the following example:

  • Input quantity bottom ash: 100,000 t/a
  • Additionally processed NF, 2 - 4 mm: 300 t/a
  • Efficiency of the NF processing: 75 %
  • Additional revenue1)337,500 €/a 2)

1) Price for 1 tonne of NF: 1,500 €/t (as of 07/2017)
2) Additional eddy-current separator not included in calculation

2) MERIT as replacement for flip-flow sieve

With the use of MERIT technology as replacement for the flip-flow 4 mm, only the fines (0 - 2 mm) of the incinerator bottom ash end up on the pile. The fraction 2 - 4 mm including the non-ferro metals are separated and recovered. The resulting added value is shown in the following example:

  • Input quantity bottom ash: 100,000 t/a
  • Additionally processed NF, 2 - 4 mm: 300 t/a
  • Efficiency of the NF processing: 60 %
  • Additional revenue1) : 270,000 €/a2)

1) Price for 1 tonne of NF: 1,500 €/t (as of 07/2017)
2) Omitted flip-flow sieve not included in calculation

Ask for a personalised offer

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